Nearly 70 Harborfields musicians from Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School through Harborfields High School were selected to perform alongside musicians from across Suffolk County in the 2020 SCMEA All-County Ensembles. These students will take part in a series of rehearsals in March, culminating in a number of All-County concerts. 
“Such large numbers are indicative of the high-achieving students in our music program and the high standards held by our teachers,” Harborfields High School’s Music Department Coordinator Daniel Bilawsky said. 

Harborfields High School: Breckyn Beech, Alexa Best, Robert Blosser, Athena Braverman, Ryan Casano, William deGroot, Alexandra Ebanks, Christopher Hummel, Mia Mirabile, Anna Perz, Ethan Rosenthal, Elizabeth Storm, Lindsay Sung, Owen Walter and Nicholas Zavack.

Oldfield Middle School: Celia Ancona, Elias Antonison, Maeve Baron, Ainsley Batsford, Marty Bernstein, Anna Clayton, McKenzie Coleman, Porter Coleman, Anna Dezelic, Harry Diner, Michelle Diner, Aidan Doctor, Julia Downey, Nathan Downey, Anna Duff, Meghan Duff, Jackson Dunham, Amelia Freiberger, Jacob Guzzardo, Sophia Hernon, Peter Hoss, Ethan Landmesser-Charette, Elena LaSpisa, Paige Lusby, Kate Lysaght, Lucy MacInnes, Dean Mason, Christian Maughan, Gabriella Messing, Norene Miraglia, Michael Perz, Juliana Sandkuhl, Brendan Schmitt, McKena Sung, Camryn Taylor, Griffin Thomas, Henry Treanor, Ava Vandor, Sam Vaughan, Rhys Walter, Kaitlyn Wille, Ethan Wisoky and Madelin Woodward.

Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School:
Aya Deckman, Ashley Deronvil, Alec Gerde, Brynn Gerde, Nicholas Gervase, Kieran Maguire, Skylar McDougal, Brooke Palmer, Samantha Plosky and Emily Pomerantz.