Harborfields musicians from elementary school through high school took center stage at Northport High School on Jan. 17 for the 15th annual Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association’s Day of Horn.

Harborfields’ students joined student and adult French horn players from across Suffolk County and surrounding areas for the concert, but also enjoyed a performance by Dr. Heidi Lucas, an associate professor of Horn at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Participating students included Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School students Ryan Hernandez and Isla Kenney; Oldfield Middle School students Dean Mason, Christian Maughan and Ethan Wisoky; and Harborfields High School students Danielle Barber and Meghan O'Brien. Additionally, Harborfields music faculty member, Cathy Ferraro, joined these students in this unique gathering.

“Harborfields French horn players from elementary school through high school represented our district with pride,” High School Music Director Daniel Bilawsky said.