Harborfields High School students involved in the school’s Natural Helpers group – and veterans of the middle school’s Tornadoes Listening and Caring program – recently visited Oldfield Middle School to congratulate and induct several new members into the program.

T.L.C. is a peer-helping network that provides support to middle school students struggling with typical stressors, such as peer relations, conflicts and academic pressures. Students are selected by their peers, who identified them as “caring, trustworthy and responsible.” The students have completed several hours of training where they learn how to identify a peer in need of help, contact resources when problems exceed their limits and self-care techniques.

T.LC. advisor Dahlia Roemer said that over the years, it has been reported that the program’s members enjoy many benefits. They find that the skills that they learn and practice are beneficial with friends, teacher, family members and co-workers.

“They make new friends and break down some of the social barriers that exist in any community,” she said. “T.L.C. members also experience the special feeling of knowing that they have been able to help someone and make a difference in their school.”

The district congratulates the newly inducted OMS T.L.C. members and thanks veteran T.L.C. members for visiting the middle school to share their experiences and provide support to the new group of student helpers.

Veteran TLC members (2017-2019):
Alexandra Ebanks
Nahrahel Louis
Dane Smith
Isabella Fiore
Isabella Giannotti
Sean Tucker
Nabeeha Ilyas
Nicholas Zavack
Aliyah Steinberg
Maggie Hughes
(not pictured: Aidan Brancaccio)

Newly Inducted TLC group (2019-2021):
Lea Jaffe
Casey Wrede
Janyiah Dube-Yates
Noah Iaoni
Connor Brancaccio
Elle Dall
Max Vaughan
Jake Coronato
Steven Arnold
Sean Duff
Samantha Urmaza
Gwyneth Schulman