On Feb. 5, Harborfields High School hosted a very uplifting and inspiring program to help celebrate Black History Month. “Step Up to Make A Difference” was the theme, and the highlight of the entire evening was a very motivating speech given by former New York Giant Perry Williams.

Mr. Williams captivated the crowd with some very moving stories, including that of his humble beginnings, his career with the New York Giants, as well as his rise to realizing all his goals that he had set for himself in life. Mr. Williams told all in the crowd “If you believe, you can achieve.”

Additionally, he asked the students in the audience to listen to their teachers and parents whenever told to study hard, so that they too can one day realize their dreams and become successful.

Following Mr. Williams’ address, the evening continued with a varied program of dance, poetry, song and motivational speeches from district representatives. The evening was capped off with an autograph session given by Mr. Williams.