‘Athletes Helping Athletes’ visit TJL

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A large group of Harborfields High School students could be seen walking from Taylor Avenue in Greenlawn to Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School on Jan. 30 to visit classrooms and talk to students about important life skills.

The high schoolers are part of the school’s leadership program, Athletes Helping Athletes, and for the past few years have taken an interest in preparing elementary school students for middle school and beyond. Three times a year, the selected students go from classroom to classroom to teach the younger students about civility, leadership, sportsmanship, bullying and the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

In Ms. Weber’s class, high school students Caitlin Fealy, Sammy Lustig, Thomas Sullivan and Matt Torres told personal sportsmanship stories, whereas in Ms. Kraham’s class, elementary school students played out different sportsmanship scenarios.

Athletes Helping Athletes advisers Robert Franco and Daniel Greening said that each of the high school students are nominated by their respective coaches and are chosen based on leadership goals and their commitment to remain drug and alcohol free.

“They act as leaders and role models to the younger students that are going into the middle school,” Mr. Franco said.