The Oldfield Middle School robotics team has a lot to be proud of as they recently competed against schools across Long Island in the FIRST Lego League robotics competition. The team placed within the top 15 among all of the competing teams and won first place in Core Values.

James Temps, who coaches the team along with Jeff Shade, said that that competition is based on three aspects: engineering and programming, innovation and core values.

First, students develop their own Lego-based robot to perform specific tasks. This robot is coded and run by the students as they compete against other groups’ robots. The students then use innovation to create and present a unique solution to a problem, designed to help better society.
During this competition, students researched the idea of repurposing plastic to pave roads. They presented their idea to a panel of judges and answered questions about how they came to their conclusions and how this would help reduce plastic waste.

The core values aspect of the competition focuses on how well each team works together and respects others. The students demonstrated these characteristics by presenting to another panel of judges, during which they discussed what each of those concepts meant to them. The students performed exceedingly well when asked to do a team activity and, upon receiving their award, it was mentioned that each member had a “wonderful ability to be respectful, but at the same time communicate all at once.”