Regent Roger Tilles Addresses Staff at Superintendent’s Conference Day


While students were enjoying their last precious days of summer, administrators, teachers, and staff of the Harborfields Central School District gathered to participate in the district’s annual Superintendent’s Conference Day. To begin the day, all staff gathered at Oldfield Middle School, where Superintendent Frank Carasiti extended his greetings. In his address, Mr. Carasiti said, “Teachers can change lives. We never know what a simple word can mean to a student. We have young lives in our hands, so never lose sight of how much of a role we play.”

Following warm remarks by Board of Education President Nicholas Guiliano and other district administrators, Regent Roger Tilles addressed the Harborfields staff. Regent Tilles discussed a myriad of topics, including the Regents’ mission of closing the gap between high and low performing districts and the importance of preparing students to compete globally. In addition, Regent Tilles shared his thoughts on “Race to the Top,” a federal grant that will provide $700 million to schools across New York State. He concluded his remarks by stressing the importance that the arts play in education.  Regent Tilles said, “Creative thinking must be integral to education. It enhances understanding of other subject areas.”

Teachers and staff concluded their day with meetings at their respective schools and also devoted time to setting up their classrooms for the first day of school.