With the closing of schools and the current health crisis came a whole host of event cancellations—SCMEA All-County Festivals, NYSSMA Solo and Ensemble Festivals and school concerts and musicals among them. The halls of the schools went silent with the departure of students—well over 1,000 of which participate in any number of music ensembles from elementary school through high school, week in and week out during the school year. But, the music never stopped. In times of need like this, Harborfields continues to turn to music as both a source of joy and a respite from the difficulties of the outside world. In the accompanying video, more than two dozen students share what they’ve been practicing while reminding us of the power and beauty of music.

Participating Students: Lea Andreadis, Maeve Baron, Victoria Bell, Alexa Best, Jared Buchholtz, Asuka Cruz, Aya Deckman, Emma Di Prima, Alexis Ebanks, Ty Ellenbogen, Amelia Freiberger, Olivia Freiberger, Needjy Guerrier, Peter Hoss, Justin Lowenhar, Hope Lusby, Paige Lusby, Kate Lysaght, Aidan Katz, Angeline Miraglia, Norene Miraglia, Eva Pukke, Emerson Rathbun, Hartley Semmes, Henry Treanor, Elke Walter, Owen Walter and Rhys Walter.