TJL, OMS, WDPS & HHS designated “No Place for Hate” schools

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Harborfields Central School District is proud to announce that Thomas J. Lahey Elementary, Washington Drive Primary, Oldfield Middle and Harborfields High schools were all recently designated 2019-2020 “No Place for Hate” schools by The Anti-Defamation League.

The schools will join more than 1,800 schools from across the country who have partnered with the league to develop and institute programs designed to celebrate equity, acceptance and diversity.

In an email to the middle School, ADL wrote, “We truly appreciate your school’s commitment to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all students. Without you, No Place for Hate would not be possible.”

This year, both TJL and Washington Drive are celebrating their “Gold Star” designation, marking their third year as “No Place for Hate” schools. Harborfields High School is also celebrating its third year as an ADL designated school.

“We have achieved this honor due to our commitment of creating a safe and inclusive learning environment for our students,” TJL Assistant Principal Andrea Horowitz wrote.

“We are so excited to share that WDPS has been designated a Gold Star No Place for Hate school for the 2019-2020 school year,” Washington Drive Primary School Assistant Principal Kerry Neira wrote. “It’s a proud tradition of our building.”

On Thursday, May 21, there will be a social media campaign to celebrate the 1,800 “No Place for Hate” school communities, using #NoPlaceforHate. Administrators will share a brief video explaining at least one thing that schools did this year to promote diversity, inclusion and “allyship.”

“Join schools across the country as they take over the internet with the awesomeness of students, educators and parents,” ADL wrote.