Mrs. Gutheil and Mrs. Dini’s Washington Drive primary School students recently enjoyed reading along with a four-legged reading partner as part of the school’s program, “Reading to Moby.”

This year, rather than cancel the program due to school building closures, the teachers decided to offer the experience virtually the classes private via YouTube channel.

Moby is a Golden Retriever and trained therapy dog that visits schools across Long Island with his owner and trainer Lance Motkin. The goal of the program is to teach kindergarten students about therapy dogs and improve the students reading skills. The furry companion provides students with a relaxed and calm environment, which often eliminates fear and anxiety while reading.

In a letter to students, Mrs. Gutheil and Mrs. Dini wrote, “Over the next week, please be creative and find different places where you can read books to Moby. Reading is so much fun, especially when you have a friend like Moby to read to!”