On the evening of June 8, Harborfields Central School District administrators and teachers were proud to present students from the graduating Class of 2020 with awards and scholarships representing their hard work, achievement and dedication throughout high school.

The annual Senior Academic Awards ceremony, while held virtually this year, did not disappoint. Students were recognized for representing various high school departments and programs, including mathematics, social studies, music, art, business and more. More than 30 memorial and organizational scholarships, including the Maggie Schmidt and Gabby Cava Memorial Scholarships, were also presented to students during the virtual event.

Harborfields High School Principal Timothy Russo publicly congratulated Class of 2020 Valedictorian Aidan Cordero and Salutatorian Samantha Lustig, commending them for their outstanding dedication to academic success. In addition, Mr. Russo announced eight additional students who make up the high school’s top 10 graduating seniors.

The following are the top 10 students in the Class of 2020: Aidan Cordero, Samantha Lustig, Annika Browne, Alexander Bram, Hope Lusby, Simon Kapen, Daniel Shenkelman, Evangelea Andreadis, Annamarie Chironis and Skya Theobald. These students’ names will be inscribed on a plaque to be hung on the high school’s “Wall of Scholars.”

“This certainly is always one of the true highlights of our academic year as we take the time to celebrate the incredible academic accomplishments of the Harborfields High School Class of 2020,” Mr. Russo said. “This class as a whole has character traits of strength, discipline, and resilience, while still remaining positive and supportive of one another throughout all of these tremendous challenges. You’re inspiring to so many of us. I refuse to look at you as the class that missed out on things, but I will always remember you as the truest demonstration of strength, support and that family spirit that we take such pride in.”