Harborfields Students Prepare for Start of 2013-14 School Year

Prior to the opening of school for the 2013-14 school year, students throughout the Harborfields Central School District were provided with the opportunity to visit their respective schools, participate in a number of orientation programs and meet teachers and staff members.

At Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School in particular, students in grades three through five were able to navigate the hallways and find their new classrooms during a special visitation program. The excitement – especially among the new third-graders entering the school for the first time – was palpable. According to new TJL student Jamie Pisano, “I’m excited to meet new friends this school year.” Sisters Sofi and Jenna Cuti explored the school together and mentioned they were looking forward to meeting their teachers.

A few miles away at Oldfield Middle School, older students were also getting oriented with their building. While some figured out the best routes to take to their classrooms, others took time to set up their lockers prior to the first day of school. Special programs were also held at Washington Drive Primary School and Harborfields High School.

The Harborfields Central School District looks forward to welcoming all students for the first day of school on Monday, Sept. 9 and wishes all students and staff members a successful year ahead.