Students Learn Bus Safety Through “Safety Sally” Program


In mid-September, students at Washington Drive Primary School participated in a “Safety Sally Bus Program,” geared at teaching students the rules of safely traveling in and around a bus. Early in the school day, the Eastern Suffolk BOCES School Bus Safety Mobile Classroom arrived at Washington Drive, ready to welcome students aboard. The mobile classroom, which looks like a typical school bus from the outside, is an actual classroom on the inside, featuring televisions, safety posters, and other instructional materials.
Once the students boarded the safety bus, Kay Heidt (a.k.a. “Safety Sally”), a certified teacher with Eastern Suffolk BOCES, discussed bus safety. Ms. Heidt reviewed rules such as “stay seated,” “always buckle your seat belt,” and “stay quiet so the driver can stay focused.” Students then viewed a video titled, “Pooh’s Great School Bus Adventure,” which also focused on vital safety tips. For second-grade students, Ms. Heidt stressed that they are the role models on the school bus and that younger students look up to them to exhibit proper bus behavior. To conclude the program, students took part in an emergency bus dismissal.
According to Ms. Heidt, “This program is so important for young children in order for them to develop a healthy respect for school buses. They also need to understand what to do inside a school bus so that the driver can do his/her job safely.”