Harborfields High School Musicians Named to All-County, All-State and All-National Groups

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The Harborfields Central School District Music Department is pleased to announce that a number of its talented high school student musicians have been selected for important honors at the national, state and county levels. Please join us in recognizing the following students for their outstanding accomplishments:
National Association for Music Education (NAfME)
2013 All-National Mixed Chorus
Daniel Saulle (Tenor II)
New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA)
2013 Commended All-State Musicians
Alisa Chang (Viola)
Danielle Holmes (Clarinet Alternate)
Jack McLaughlin (Trombone Alternate)
Keith Mills (Violin Alternate)
Theo Simpson (Regular Baritone Saxophone and Jazz Baritone Saxophone Alternate)
2013 NYSCAME/SCMEA All-County Musicians
Miranda Abbott (Soprano Voice - All-County Mixed Chorus)
Sam Axelrod (Tenor Saxophone - All-County Band)
Olivia Bartfield (Alto Voice - All-County Women's Choir)
Rory Bennett (Trumpet - All-County Band)
Alisa Chang (Viola - All-County Orchestra)
Matthew Gallanty (Snare-Percussion - All-County Orchestra)
Danielle Holmes (Clarinet - All-County Band)
Jack McLaughlin (Trombone - All-County Orchestra)
Keith Mills (Violin - All-County Orchestra)
Justin Murphey (Trombone - All-County Orchestra)
Ethan Ramcharitar (Oboe - All-County Orchestra)
Daniel Saulle (Tenor Voice - All-County Mixed Chorus)
Trevor Simon (Trumpet - All-County Band/Orchestra)
Theo Simpson (Baritone Saxophone - All-County Band)
Timothy Snyder (Trombone - All-County Band)
Brian Umbach (Horn - All-County Orchestra)
Jack Wilson (Bass Voice - All-County Mixed Chorus)

The district congratulates its talented students, their parents and families, and members of the Harborfields High School music and art departments for these wonderful student honors!