A Safe Halloween at HHS


On Thursday, October 28, the Harborfields High School Service Club, under the direction of Ms. Kristin Kankula, hosted its annual Safe Halloween program. Hundreds of high school volunteers, representing over 20 individual clubs, volunteered their time to transform ordinary classrooms into “spooktacular” scenes for the younger children to gather their treats.
This year, the high school welcomed princesses, superheroes, cartoon characters, and goblins, among other costumed youngsters. They, along with their parents, roamed the hallways and were delighted by the time that the high school students devoted to them.
According to Harborfields High School Principal Dr. David Bennardo, “Safe Halloween is a shining example of the nurturing way that our high school students treat the youngest members of our Harborfields community. It is truly a collaborative event that brings parents, teachers, advisors, and children together for an evening that beautifully projects small-town values.”