OMS Sixth Graders Host “Math Off”


To start the school day, sixth graders in the Harborfields Central School District recently participated in the second-annual “Math-Off” competition at Oldfield Middle School.  The students competed against each other in a game show-style, speed contest to test their accuracy of basic math skills. “The purpose of the Math-Off is to help students practice computations which will assist them on the state exams,” commented Assistant Principal Jackie Allen. The host, Paul Romanelli, a sixth-grade math teacher, organized the event along with math teachers Barabara McGrath and Jen Saidens.

Of the 300 students that participated, 50 sixth graders made it to the final round.  During the last contest, students were divided into four groups which competed for four rounds.  As each math question appeared on the projector screen, two students vied to be the first to hit the buzzer and answer the question.  All of the finalists were awarded certificates for their participation and the top 13 winners were awarded prizes, which included a “Principal’s Coupon” for a free snack from the cafeteria. 

Congratulations to the following winners:

Brett Herbert
Matt Katz
Christine Kohl
Connor Madden
Michael Greaves
Mason Mee
Angela Rucco
Jackson Heil
Sam Bergson
Tony Taber
Antonio Ferme
Connor Stewart
Eric Radecki