TJL Students Celebrate Make a Difference Day


Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School teachers Cris Brooks, Nicole Taylor and Enza Greenwald celebrated National Make a Difference Day this year in a unique way. Their classes were given the opportunity to think about someone in the Harborfields School District or community who has made a difference in their lives. The students each selected one special person that they consider to be one of our most important community members. Each of these special people received a letter from the student who selected them, stating how that person has made a difference at TJL. The honorees were also invited to a special celebration.  At the ceremony, the students did a mini presentation and help up cards to spell “You Make a Difference in Our World.”  Each letter in the slogan also represented a character trait to describe the honorees such as Amazing, Optimistic, etc. Refreshments were served and the honorees each took home a special memento of their day.