OMS Students Host Multicultural Festival


In mid-November, students at Oldfield Middle School in the Harborfields Central School District hosted a multicultural festival for the school community, under the guidance of teachers who serve on the Multicultural Committee. Prior to the festival, the students decorated the school cafeteria with colorful balloons and flags from around the world. For the celebration, middle school families donated a variety of food that represented their heritages, from Polish pierogies and Italian baked ziti to Chinese lo mein and Thai chicken skewers.
During the festival, students also performed musical numbers for all in attendance. Ellie Horn and Alisa Chang played piano; Erica Brousseau, Marc Hochwald, and Nora Gleeson performed on cello and violin; and Gabriela Farino performed a vocal number in Italian. 
In addition, Mrs. Kennedy’s Spanish class performed the Spanish Alphabet song, and Ms. Chan’s Multicultural Club performed the Hawaiian Hukilau Dance, which ended with members of the audience joining in on the dance. Members of the Multicultural Club even got Principal Mrs. Giordano to join them in the Hukilau! Overall, the event was a great success!