Middle School Geography Stars


On Thursday, January 6, Oldfield Middle School in the Harborfields Central School District held its annual Geography Bee competition under the direction of social studies teachers Katie Scott and Chris Havranek. Student representatives from each social studies class met in the auditorium for seven challenging rounds of questions.
The Bee included questions based on U.S. Geography, World Geography, and Geographic Vocabulary. Thirty-five students began the Bee, and three class periods later, runner-up Henry Mack (a seventh grader) and winner Ian Leskody (an eighth grader) competed against one another during the Final Round. Ian answered the final question of: “Lookout Mountain, a ridge that extends into Georgia and Alabama, is a Civil War battle site located close to Chattanooga in what state?” By answering correctly, Ian will now take the 2011 Qualifying Test to be submitted to the National Geographic Society. Congratulations!