Black History Month Contest Winners

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Congratulations to the winners of Oldfield Middle School’s 2014 Black History Month Poster Contest. They are: Catherine Andreadis (first place), Genie Miraglia (second place) and Danielle Mank (third place). The theme of this year’s contest was “Honoring Our Past to Preserve Our Future.”

The students chose an African-American figure whom they felt had a significant historical accomplishment. They then created posters detailing the information they discovered through their research.    

Catherine chose Coretta Scott-King, the wife of Martin Luther King Jr. and a civil rights activist in her own right, while Genie selected Rebecca J. Cole, the first African-American female doctor in the United States. Danielle highlighted famous Olympian track star Wilma Rudolph on her poster.

The posters were displayed at the district’s annual Black History Month celebration.