Students Become the Teachers

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For the third year in a row, students at Oldfield Middle School had the opportunity to participate in the Teach for a Day event, sponsored by the school’s student government. Prior to the day, students were asked to list the top three teachers that they would like to shadow and co-teach with for the day. The student government then randomly chose students and paired them with specific teachers. In preparation for the day, students met with their chosen instructor to discuss lesson plans and proper dress.

Eighth-grade student Elena Kaled chose to shadow Assistant Principal Wayne Cronk. During the day, they formed the proctoring schedule for the New York State math assessments, helped with an audio system problem and announced the school’s Suffolk County math contest winners. “I enjoyed it,” said Elena. “Mr. Cronk’s job is harder than it seems.”

Fellow student Cassidy DeMilt assisted social studies teacher Erin Holl. In addition to setting up in-class activities, Cassidy went over worksheets with Ms. Holl’s classes. “This was a cool experience because you don’t know what it’s like being a teacher when you’re a student.” Sixth-grader Melanie Scholfield, who co-taught with Therese Kennedy, teacher of Languages Other Than English, said, “I thought teaching is easy, but it’s not.” Melanie helped to construct worksheets, take attendance and assisted with a lunch pizza party.