FACS Family Garners Recognition

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Several members of the Family and Consumer Science department at Oldfield Middle School were recently recognized for their accomplishments.  Christy Roxo, a teacher in the department for the past 11 years, was named Teacher of the Year by Long Island Family and Consumer Science Professionals.  Ms. Roxo was nominated by her fellow teachers for her outstanding contributions to the field of family and consumer sciences and will be recognized at a special ceremony on May 21, sponsored by LIFACS. “I am elated and thrilled to be recognized with this honor,” Ms. Roxo said.

In addition to Ms. Roxo’s accomplishment, several students from the department were also recognized for their work.  Eighth-grader Alissa Barber was honored as the grand-prize winner in the LIFACS “Masters of Invention” middle school challenge. For this contest, students were asked to invent a new product and create a marketing strategy to support the product. Students were asked to think out the details of their invention, its price, how it would be promoted and how it would be distributed. For her invention, Alissa created “coffee critters,” a stopper that can be inserted into any coffee lid to prevent the beverage from spilling. The stopper is topped with a creative clay critter – designs include a donut, strawberry and pig.

Max Hafem, a fellow eighth-grade student, also entered the Masters of Invention challenge. While he did not earn award recognition, his invention and creation of a hovercraft wowed his fellow students. Using a leaf blower, piece of wood and tarp, Max created a working hovercraft. To the delight of OMS students, principal Joanne Giordano was even able to test drive it!

Student Jessica Gallen was a grand-prize winner in the LIFACS “It’s Not Easy Being Green” contest. For this challenge, students were tasked to reuse or repurpose an existing item in an effort to create a greener world. Jessica reused a vinyl record to create a clock. “My parents have a huge stock of old records, so I thought it would be neat to use that for my invention,” said Jessica.

Alissa and Jessica will also be honored at the LIFACS reception for their accomplishments on May 21, along with their teacher Ms. Roxo.