Spelling Superstars at OMS


In late January, 32 Oldfield Middle School students participated in the most exciting spelling bee to date under the direction of English Department co-coordinators, English teacher Kerri Brierton and AIS teacher Marianne Dono. Students in grades six through eight tackled many complicated words such as “veterinarian,” “laborious,” “hypocrisy,” “nonchalant,” and “proximity.” 

After seven grueling rounds, only two contestants remained - seventh grader Jack Ratti and eighth grader Alisa Chang. They both went word for word for 12 more rounds. Finally, Jack emerged as the winner in round 20 by correctly spelling “reservoir.”    
 As this year’s winner in the school’s Scripps National Spelling Bee Program, Jack will now compete on February 8, 2011, in the Semifinals Written Test Round at Plainview-Old Bethpage Middle School.  Jack also receives a free online powerspeaK12 program. This online language-learning program is designed specifically for children in grades 3-12 and offers five languages from which Jack may choose one to study. In addition, Jack and Alisa will each receive a free, one-year subscription to Kids.Britannica.com.