WDPS Students Celebrate Cultural Heritage


Second-grade students in Mr. Nick Coppola’s class at Washington Drive Primary School have been participating in a lesson on the world and its cultures. To celebrate the unique cultural heritage of each student, classroom parents were invited to class. During their visit, parents discussed how their lives or the lives of their ancestors differed from their native countries to the United States.
During a recent visit, Mr. Coppola’s class welcomed Mrs. Palencia, who shared her story of growing up in El Salvador. She discussed the customs, traditions, and food native to her home country. “In El Salvador, you walk everywhere. Where I grew up, there weren’t any cars. You walked to school, to the store, and to the river to do your laundry,” she stated.
She then shared homemade pupusas with the students, an El Salvadorian dish made of corn tortillas and typically stuffed with cheese or meat. The second graders enjoyed their special treat while they continued to ask Mrs. Palencia about her life growing up.
Mrs. Palencia concluded her visit by sharing one important piece of advice with the class. “You all need to continue with school and graduate so you can go and become something you really want to be.”