OMS Nurse Honored by Chamber

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Oldfield Middle School nurse Deborah Fallenberg was recognized by the Huntington Chamber of Commerce on May 15 during this year’s Nurses Week.

Fallenberg, who has been working as a school nurse in the district since 1994, was honored for her dedication and care shown during her 20-year tenure as a nurse at OMS. After graduating from Adelphi University in 1972, Fallenberg began her career as an emergency room nurse at Long Island Jewish Medical Center. Her interest in the medico-legal aspects of the profession led her to pursue an affiliation with the hospital’s insurance carrier, which granted her invaluable experience, including claims investigation, risk management and patient representation.

Choosing to follow this path, Fallenberg became a nurse paralegal with a medical malpractice law firm to assist during trial prep in the defense of hospital personnel.

While later raising a family in Harborfields, Fallenberg began working for the district as a substitute nurse. Twenty years later, her dedication and caring is still felt by all in the district.

During the presentation of nurse recognition by the Huntington Chamber of Commerce on May 15, Fallenberg and several other nurses who serve the local community were recognized for their continuing dedication to the heartfelt profession.

The district thanks Deborah Fallenberg for her dedication and commitment to the community and offers sincere congratulations to her!