Water for South Sudan

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Seventh-grade students at Oldfield Middle School recently participated in a two-week fundraiser called the H2O Project to benefit South Sudan.

Students completed the study of Linda Sue Parks’ novel “A Long Walk to Water,” which chronicles the journey of Sudanese Lost Boy Salva Dut through war-torn Sudan and refugee camps. He eventually relocated to the United States, but not before leading close to 15,000 Lost Boys to freedom in Kenya.

Following their reading of the novel, students participated in the H2O Project, the focus of which was to drink only water for two weeks and contribute money instead of using it for other beverages. All donations are being sent to Salva Dut’s organization, Water for South Sudan, which provides clean and accessible drinking water to those in need in South Sudan by drilling wells for villages.

By using scorecards during the fundraiser, students not only kept track of donations, but also helped to raise awareness and garner appreciation for vital resources that so many take for granted.

In total, the students raised $1,200 for the cause. Thank you to Laura Hurney, Gia Russo and Jayne Greenberg for orchestrating the fundraiser for the students.

For more information on Water for South Sudan, visit http://www.waterforsouthsudan.org.