OMS Celebrates Anti-Violence Day


On February 17, students and faculty at Oldfield Middle School celebrated Anti-Violence Day with a special assembly presentation. For the day, teachers and administrators donned pink T-shirts with the slogan “Don’t Be a Bystander, Be a Hero,” a phrase emphasized to students earlier in the year at an anti-bullying assembly. The color pink was chosen based on a high school freshman in Nova Scotia who wore pink to school and was bullied by his peers. Two seniors, after witnessing the harassment, purchased dozens of pink T-shirts for their fellow classmates to wear, as a message to the bullies.
During the program at OMS, school officials emphasized the programs and resources available for students at OMS, including the TLC program and peer mediation. Through these programs, select students are trained to identify and counsel their peers with problems they might be having. The program then continued with select students reciting original poems they had written based on the theme of “Don’t Be a Bystander, Be a Hero.”
The program concluded with a slideshow, featuring photos of every student in the school. The presentation was set to the songs “We Can Work It Out” and “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.”