WDPS Students Test Their Five Senses


At Washington Drive Primary School, kindergarten students in Ms. Kristin Divers’s class tested their five senses, a topic they have been learning about in school. With the help of parent volunteers, students rotated between several stations. At each center, students were asked use their senses to make certain predictions.
At the first station, children used their hearing by listening to various sounds on a CD player. They were asked to identify the sounds they heard while playing a game of “Sound Bingo.” At the next center, students tested their sense of taste by eating certain foods. They experienced eating items that were sweet (chocolate), salty (pretzels), sour (lemon), and bitter (grapefruit). The students then voted on their favorite taste.
At the third station, the kindergarteners applied the sense of touch by feeling items in “mystery boxes.” The students then used the scientific method to make predictions on what the items were. At another center, the children smelled various scents, including coffee, chocolate, lemon, and shaving cream. Without seeing the items, the students made predictions on what the scents were.
The final sense of seeing was explored together as a class. Each student was asked to look around the room and draw three items he/she saw.