Students Enjoy Interactive Bus Safety Program

Students at Washington Drive Primary School experienced a one-of-a-kind educational lesson aboard the BOCES School Bus Safety Mobile Classroom on September 19. Each year, the Harborfields Central School District partners up with Eastern Suffolk BOCES to provide students with an interactive and visually exciting approach to bus safety education called “Safety Sally.”

The half hour instructional program offered each primary class the opportunity to discuss important safety information on and off the school bus. The lesson began with students demonstrating proper bus stop behavior, crossing safety and awareness of universal danger and crossing signals.

Students filed onto the transformed school bus where they gathered to watch a short video on bus safety and asked questions in a simulation classroom setting. Concluding the lesson, students one-by-one exited through the emergency door on the back of the bus, fulfilling one of the mandatory New York State Department bus drill requirements.

BOCES bus transportation specialist Denise Amato stressed the need of bus safety education for students. “Safety is our number one priority,” she said. “We carry precious cargo in our back seats, so it’s important for students to be properly educated and for bus drivers to continue reinforcing bus safety protocols throughout the school year.”