Community-School Partnership ‘Blossoms’

In spirit of the autumn season, kindergarten students at Washington Drive Primary School participated in a hands-on gardening activity led by the Centerport Gardening Club on Oct. 15.

Every month, the Centerport Gardening Club visits and provides Washington Drive kindergarten students with fun, interactive gardening activities inspired by the holiday season. This month, volunteers brought the class pumpkins, as well as flowers and other decorative materials for their project. Led by Gardening Club Chairman Lin Stanco, students first discussed features of a pumpkin and even had the opportunity to taste a baked pumpkin seed.

During the activity, gardening volunteers guided the kindergarteners through the flower arranging process. Students selected flowers and inserted them through the top of their pumpkin where the stem would normally be located. Adding the final touches to their pumpkin flowerpots, students glued felt pieces to make a face of a jack-o’-lantern.

“We try to give children an opportunity to enjoy nature by giving them an inside look at it in a way they can relate,” said Lin Stanco.