HHS Students Travel to Ethiopia to Help Over 300 Orphans


During spring recess, three special students from Harborfields High School traveled to Ethiopia, where they volunteered their time and energy to assist more than 300 orphans. While in Africa, students Harry Solomon, Sam Solomon, and Aria Wiseblatt helped to distribute donated clothing, health-related items, and food to the young orphans. The students also painted the orphanage and spent priceless time visiting with the members of the Ethiopian orphanage.
The students traveled to Africa through a trip arranged by Operation Hearts and Home, a non-profit organization based in Cold Spring Harbor that is dedicated to improving the lives of orphans around the world. All three students agreed that the trip has changed their perspective on life.
Reflecting upon his experience, Sam said, “It changes your perspective on the entire world. It is one thing to hear about poverty, but it is another thing to see it.” Harry added, “Standing here today back home in Harborfields, it’s hard to imagine so many people living in poverty. It’s a completely different world.”
Despite witnessing heartbreak, the students noted how happy the orphans were. They also enjoyed the time spent “neck dancing” with the youngsters, a traditional dance featuring unique movements of the neck and shoulders. 
According to Aria, “I would love to go back someday and see the impact that we made. I know they’re still suffering and we can always do more to help.”
Harborfields High School Principal Dr. David Bennardo said, “It takes a very special person to leave the safety and comfort of our national borders during spring break and give selflessly of themselves to improve the lives of others. Harry, Sam, and Aria serve as living proof that the brightest and best among us are capable of the most empathetic, enlightened leadership.”