Standard Unit of Success

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Oldfield Middle School hosted its annual eighth-grade science fair, where students let their scientific creativity come to life. Students in physical science, life science, earth science and science and engineering classes entered the competition. The district congratulates the following students for their outstanding work.

First-Place Winners
Physical Science:  Dylan Burgess – “How Salty Is the Sea”
Life Science: Courtney Forberg – “Effect of Containers on Fruit Decay”
Earth Science: Daniel Spreckels – “Filtering Capabilities of Common Soil”

Science and Engineering: Canned Heat
First Place: Emma Riley
Second Place: Kara Casalino
Third Place: Olivia Christensen and Danielle Mank

Science and Engineering:  Windmill Weight Lifting
First Place: Hannah Monahan
First Place: Genie Miraglia
Second Place: Katherine Paradise
Third Place: Jacqueline Wegman
Third Place: Eric Werbitsky