Suffolk County Math Marvels

More than 100 Oldfield Middle School students recently participated in the annual Suffolk County Math Contest. To enter the contest, students throughout Suffolk County took an exam in either sixth-grade math, seventh-grade pre-algebra or eighth-grade algebra.

The following Harborfields students who placed in the contest will be honored at an awards ceremony at West Islip’s Udall Road Middle School: sixth-graders Sean Keys and Dylan Topolovec; seventh-graders Jared Buchholtz, Aidan Cordero, Simon Kapen and Will McClure; and eighth-grader Rochelle Kris.

Congratulations to all the students who placed in the competition.

Grade 6
First Place – Dylan Topolovec
Second Place – Sean Keys
Third Place – Emma Hardwick
Fourth Place – Jacky Xie
Fifth Place –Evan Ackerman

First Place – Aidan Cordero
Second Place – Jared Buchholtz
Third Place (tie) – Simon Kapen and Will McClure
Fourth Place (tie) – Kelly McHugh and Christina Melhado
Fifth Place – Anthony Madigan

First Place – Rochelle Kris
Second Place tie – Steven Danielkutty and Carols (sp?) Godoy
Third Place – Priyanka Dondeti
Fourth Place – Mikaela Gordon
Fifth Place (tie) – William Waring and Katherine Paradise