‘Most Polished’ Hackers

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Harborfields High School students Alex Coventry, Jake Dombrower, Connor Stewart, Ethan Thomas and Jacob Tschinkel earned the title of “Most Polished Android App” for their Nameless app at this year’s HackBCA II Competition.

The HackBCA II is a high school “hackathon” competition where teams of students are challenged to create software applications overnight. According to the HackBCA website, the purpose of this event is to give students an easy way to learn and explore coding and programming.

The Nameless app was created with the idea of producing an anonymous, tension-free environment in which people in relative proximity can communicate. Built in Android Studio, the client application uses Google’s Material Design. The messaging and user pairing are facilitated through a backend managed by Parse and integrated throughout the application.

The students were recognized for their performance and accomplishments at HackBCA II during the district’s April Board of Education meeting. The district extends its congratulations to these students on representing their school at the competition.