Many Ways to 24

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In early May, Thomas J. Lahey Elementary hosted a PTA- and BETA- (Bringing Enrichment to All) sponsored Math 24 Game Night where students demonstrated their mathematic abilities and challenged their peers in a fun and educational environment.

Coordinated by Assistant Principal Marguerite Greene and teacher Christine Mayr, third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students put their mathematic skills to the test during several rounds of competitive game play. Following the two-hour event, three students from each grade emerged as the 24 Game first-place trophy winners. Congratulations to fifth-grade student Ashley Xie, fourth-grade student Alexandra Ebanks and third-grade student Mia McNally for demonstrating outstanding mathematic skills.

In addition, medals were distributed to the following students who placed in the top four of their grade. Second place went to Brooke Cheskes, Quin Gegwich and Megan Hickey, while third place was awarded to Tara Gosselin, Matthew Lusby and Alex Zhang. Fourth-place honors were granted to Joseph Costa, Caleb Kapen and Andrew Palermo.