Mystery Class Challenge

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Students in Alison Kraham’s fifth-grade class at Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School completed the Annenberg Foundation Mystery Class Program, an online hide-and-seek challenge with fifth-grade classes across the globe.

From January to April, students used English, math, science, social studies and technology skills to identify 10 mystery classes. Conducted in stages, students received clues to help them identify the location of each mystery class. Divided in groups of 10, students were given sunrise and sunset clues for six weeks, allowing them to calculate and graph each location’s photoperiod, and compare it to their location in Greenlawn.

Students received clues and used the Internet, almanacs and maps to determine each location’s continent, country and city. In early May, parents were invited to share in the reveal of the mystery class as well as view students’ PowerPoint presentations that defended their site predictions.  

“The learning, process and journey make this activity so meaningful,” said Kraham. “Every year, the students love participating in this global game.”