Planting Flowers of Remembrance

As part of a cross-curricular research project, Oldfield Middle School eighth-grade students paid homage to children of the Holocaust in their ELA and history classes.

Oldfield Middle School ELA and history departments coordinated their reading and writing units on the Holocaust.  To kick off the study unit, students were shown the movie “Paperclip Project,” a monument for the Holocaust victims created by middle school students from Whitwell, Tennessee. For their project, Harborfields students were asked to research and write a biography of one child victim of the Holocaust.

To commemorate each child, eighth-grade students created a garden of vibrant flowers outside the school. During their ELA class, students dedicated the garden to children of the Holocaust and shared information about the child they researched. In addition, each middle school student created handmade gifts for their child such as a birthday card, fabric bag, picture frame and toys.

“It is a beautiful activity,” said English teacher Mary-Lynn Karpenske. “If we don’t celebrate the past then it’s forgotten, so what the students did was bring these children back to life today, and they are in our memory.”