Students See the Silver Lining

During the annual Silver Linings presentation, put on by the district’s special education PTA (SEPTA), several graduates of the program returned to their alma mater and shared their reflections on life after graduation with the current students of the department.

The panelists, who represented a range of graduating classes from 1994 to 2015, described the challenges their disabilities posed for them as students of the district. They discussed their experiences at Harborfields and how they were able to overcome their obstacles to successfully pursue various post-graduate degrees as well as careers in education, business and law.

“Special education is about teaching students how to work with their strengths, see the good in themselves and find a path that is just right for bringing them each to their own joys and happiness,” said Elizabeth Tucci, director of Special Education and Pupil Personnel Services. “These students have done exactly that and of them, we could not be more proud.”

At the close of the presentations, audience members asked questions and advice of the panelists.