Paying it Forward

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In recognition of the school’s Anti-Violence Day theme “keep calm and pay it forward,” students at Oldfield Middle School participated in a PTA-sponsored assembly entitled, “Cultivating Kindness.”

Led by author and founder of the ReesSpecht Life Foundation Richard Specht, students heard an important message about community, compassion and respect. Through the tragic loss of his son, Specht founded the organization in his memory with the goal of making a difference in the world through acts of kindness.  

During the assembly, students learned about the meaning of the phrase “paying it forward” through examples and stories. In an effort to encourage students to pay it forward, each student received a “pay it forward card” to hand out when they perform a random act of kindness. The card serves as a symbol of kindness with the hope that a chain reaction will ensue.
Following the assembly, students were tasked with capturing examples of people paying it forward through artistic mediums such as a collage, writing a poem, a photograph, art piece, song or essay. Students will submit the assignment to their English teachers by the end of February.