Holocaust Survivor Visits OMS Eighth-Graders

In preparation for their social studies unit on World War II and English class reading assignment of “The Cage” by Ruth Minsky-Sender, eighth-graders at Oldfield Middle School received a visit from Holocaust survivor, Werner Reich.

During his presentation, Mr. Reich, 88, used authentic photographs of people and artifacts to share his story and critical life experiences when the Nazis came to power. Through visual accompaniments, he told his story in chronological order, beginning as a young boy born in Berlin, Germany to sharing the harsh realities he faced while imprisoned in various concentration camps.

While sharing his story, he integrated an important message against bullying and discrimination. He asked the students to take the initiative to help a friend without being asked and to report any form of bullying or discrimination to a trusted adult.

After his presentation, Mr. Reich took time to answer students’ questions.