Students Compete in Italian Challenge

In early April, a team of 12 students from Harborfields High School and Oldfield Middle School traveled to SUNY Old Westbury to compete in the 32nd annual American Association of Teachers of Italian on Long Island Poetry, Iron Chef and Trivia Competition.

Under the advisement of teachers Dr. Craig Butler and Rosalia Sinatra, students enrolled in an Italian class went up against hundreds of talented students from across Long Island. Competing in all three categories, the team of Harborfields students, collectively, placed well in the competition.

Students in the trivia contest, led by junior Connor Stewart, claimed first place, while students competing in the iron chef challenge, headed by seventh-grader Jake Minerva, earned third place, and seventh-grader Juliana Bertolini led her team to a third-place victory in the level 1 poetry recitation contest.

Congratulations to the following students for their success at the competition: Juliana Bertolini, Jacqueline Bohk, Jesse Rae Henrikson, Emily Noden, Maria Colon, Ciana Massaria, Jordan Conversano, Jake Minerva, Olivia Freiberger, Nala Borgesano, Taylor Kerr and Connor Stewart.