WWII Hero Visits Harborfields

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Students in Jeffrey Shade’s seventh and eighth-grade social studies classes at Oldfield Middle School were treated to a very special guest in honor of Veterans Day. Domenick Gargiulo, a veteran of WWII, visited the school accompanied by Bob Santo, an Air Force veteran of Vietnam and fellow member of the American Legion of Greenlawn Post 1244, to speak with students and offer them a firsthand account of events they have only had the opportunity to read about in books.

Mr. Gargiulo served as a flight engineer on C-46 aircrafts while stationed in India for three years. He explained to the class, which included his grandson Nicholas, that he spent those years “flying the hump” – that is, traveling over the Himalayan Mountains to deliver supplies to the Chinese. He answered students’ questions and recounted various memorable accounts of his time in war, such as the day he thought his plane was going down in the Himalayas, and especially the day he was notified that the war had ended and he was going home!  

The students were eager to look at the photos Mr. Gargiulo brought in and hear about the Air Medal and Distinguished Flying Cross he had received. At the end of his presentation, the students gave him a stack of thank you cards, leaving him emotional and grateful. It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to connect with history, and a wonderful way for a hero to be honored.