A Clean Sweep at LIFACS Challenge

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In an effort to inspire entrepreneurship and creativity, eighth-grade students in Oldfield Middle School recently participated in the 2016 Long Island Family and Consumer Sciences Challenge. In result of their project submissions, five OMS students, respectively, took home first-place awards in three different categories.

Under the advisement of family and consumer science teacher Christy Roxo, students developed a product to submit in either the, “It’s Not Easy Being Green,” “Trashy Fashion” and “Masters of Invention” challenge. To enter the “It’s Not Easy Being Green” competition, students used recycled items to create a repurposed, reusable product. Participants in the “Masters of Inventions” contest developed a concept and prototype along with the price, place and promotion for their invention. To enter the “Trashy Fashion” contest, participants were required to use at least one inorganic and one organic material to create a wearable piece of clothing. Each challenge required students to complete an application and follow the LIFACS four-point scale rubric.

Selected from all the middle school student applicants who entered the challenge, OMS students Samantha DeFranco and Sarah DeFranco, respectively, won the grand prize for their clothing designs in the “Trashy Fashion” challenge, which they made using recycled bed sheets and crushed seashells. Student Evangelea Andreadis was the winner in the “Masters of Inventions” challenge for her “Strep Scanner,” and students Everett Borman and Aidan Dowd, individually, earned the highest honor in the, “It’s Not Easy Being Green” category.

Each of the Harborfields first-place winners was awarded a cash prize of $100 for their hard work and creativity.