Students Earn Top Spots in National French Contest

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The district is please to announce that 13 Harborfields High School students placed in the top 10 in Suffolk County in this year’s National French Contest (Le Grand Concours). With their exceptional performance on the exam, students Jacob Chalif and Julia Spande, respectively, placed ninth and fifth in the top 10 of the entire nation.

Congratulations to all the following students who placed in this year’s competition:
Level 2
Emma Riley – Eighth place
Level 3
Sarah Katz – Eighth place
Olga Kurilina – 10th place
Rachel Scheff – 10th place
Julia Spande – First place
Level 4
Greta Browne – Third place
Falyn Dwyer – Eighth place
Olivia Madigan – Fifth place
Ava McKane – Ninth place
Donovan Snyder – Eighth place
Level 5
Jacob Chalif – First place
Ishaan Lohia – Second place
Abigail Wax – Sixth place