Students Place in AATF Poetry Contest

The district is pleased to announce that 13 Harborfields High School students achieved remarkable recognitions in the American Association of Teachers of French Suffolk Chapter French Poetry Contest. Students placed in three distinct categories: Original Poetry, Calligramme and Recitation. Congratulations to the following students on their success in the contest:

Original Poetry:
French 3
Julia Spande – First place
Jamie McArthur – Second place
Catherine Andreadis – Honorable mention

French 4
Ava McKane – First place
Falyn Dwyer – Honorable mention

French 5
Mariel Stein – Frist place
Abigail Wax – Second place

French 4
Mackenzie Dash – First place
Greta Browne – Third place

Level 3
Olga Kurilina – Second place
Sarah-Elizabeth Leveque and Julia Spande – Honorable mention

Level 5
Eliza Snodgrass – First place
Gabrielle Mank – Third place