TJL Third-Graders Are ‘Goin’ Buggy’


As a culmination to their science unit on metamorphosis, third-grade students in Diane Brown’s and Noreen Paccione’s classes at Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School put on their musical performance of “Goin’ Buggy.”

For their curriculum unit, third-graders received a caterpillar to observe as they transformed into butterflies. They learned about the caterpillar’s life cycle and the different features of the bug as it undergoes metamorphosis.

For the show, students dressed as various insects and bugs including butterflies, grasshoppers, bees, ladybugs, spiders and fireflies. Through the use of memorized rhyming phrases, catchy songs and dance movements, students shared the story of bugs and insects uniting together with the goal of convincing the White House to pass their “Bugs Bill of Rights.”