District Holds Superintendent’s Conference Day

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The district gathered on Sept. 1 at Oldfield Middle School for Superintendent’s Conference Day. With school kicking off on Tuesday, Sept. 6, the day consisted of preparing staff members for the 2016-17 school year.

Teachers and administrators met in the cafeteria for breakfast and coffee before heading into the auditorium where the faculty heard from multiple speakers. Board of Education President Nicholas P. Giuliano welcomed the staff with a speech about Superintendent of Schools Diana Todaro. Todaro will be retiring in January.

Giuliano spoke about Todaro’s career in education and praised her work. “During her years, Harborfields has been among the top ranked high schools on Long Island, top ranked in the state and top ranked across the nation,” he said. Deputy Superintendent Dr. Francesco Ianni will assume the position of superintendent in January.

Ianni spoke to the faculty about his excitement into transitioning into the role of superintendent. “What makes me feel comfortable and secure about this decision and this position is the fact that I have all of you,” he said. “I know we are going to do great things and we are going to continue to move forward with the district.”

Throughout the day, faculty went to assigned locations for important information about their particular department. Grade level meetings took place, as well as special area meetings for music and art, physical education, special education, English as a new language (ENL) and the nursing staff.