Students Build Character

Washington Drive Primary School students started the school year off with an assembly to promote good character habits at school. The first “Character Counts” assembly of the year was organized by grade level with first and second grade on Sept. 8 and kindergarten on Sept. 9.

Students heard from Assistant Principal Tara Falasco and learned the basic rules of school. These included important safety rules for the bus, hallways, cafeteria and playground. Students raised their hands to provide examples of rules and proper behavior in different school settings and also watched a video regarding school rules. Falasco then picked four students from the audience to participate in a special gameshow regarding school rules.

Falasco plans to have more “Character Counts” assemblies throughout the school year. “Every month I’m doing one character counts assembly where we talk about acceptance, dependability, civilization and more,” she said. “We are hoping to grow students into great characters and prevent bullying.”

Washington Drive Primary School also plans on conducting school-wide incentive programs to promote good character habits throughout the year. Teachers will pick students in their classes that showcase these positive habits on a monthly basis and these students will be praised. The school also plans to have a “cafetorium contest.” The class lunch table that follows the school rules the best will receive stars that go toward a prize from Falasco.