Students Celebrate International Day of Peace

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Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School students in Mrs. Reikert’s art classes recently celebrated International Day of Peace. Peace Day was adopted when member states of the United Nations unanimously agreed on an annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence in 2001.

To honor Peace Day students created Pinwheels for Peace in their art classes.  Pinwheels for Peace is a global initiative started by two art teachers in 2005.  Their idea was born from the thought that a pinwheel is symbol of childhood innocence and goodness.  

Students in Mrs. Reikert’s classes first brainstormed some ideas about what they could do to celebrate Peace Day.  They wrote down their ideas on paper that they turned into a pinwheel.  

The pinwheels are intended to turn in the wind and spread the love and good thoughts contained in the students’ writing.  The students’ writing was inspired by her questions, “Who could you make peace with for one day?  How could you spread peace on Peace Day?”