Oldfield Middle School Celebrates Its First Ally Day

The Oldfield Middle School Gay-Straight Alliance club declared Sept. 30 as the school’s first ever Ally Day and celebrated with a banner for students and faculty to sign. The club sponsored Ally Day after hearing about National Ally Week, which is commemorated during the week of Sept. 26 – 30 to create a dialogue about how everyone can be better allies to LGBT youth.

The school tries to hold as many events and programs as possible throughout the year to encourage students to be upstanders and heroes to their classmates. All grade levels and staff members had the option to participate if they wanted to by signing their names to a colorful banner in the school’s cafeteria. The signatures left were those that declared themselves an Ally to their classmates.

“The banner will serve as a daily reminder to the students about the importance of being an upstander and hero to those who may not always have a voice,” said Guidance Counselor and Gay-Straight Alliance Co-Advisor Jennifer McCaffrey.    

The school plans to hang the banner in the cafeteria and surround it with pictures of famous Allies in the media. This includes musicians, athletes, historical figures, actors and actresses.